A separate library building approximately 4896 sq.ft (carpet area) is constructed at our institute. The textbooks, reference books, Journals and other materials are kept in the cup-boards with open access facility. However, the complete responsibility and security of each & every material is taken up by the library staff. Books are issued to the students & teachers by the library staff members. Library Reader’s Ticket is issued to each student and books are issued strictly on the basis of Library Reader’s Ticket. Books issued to the teachers are recorded in the register with their duly signatures. Library has good number of academic books and other magazines and Journals.

The following facilities are available in the library:

  • Computer with INFLIBNET software. (SOUL)
  • Broadband Internet connection.
  • Photocopier Machine.
  • Steel and wooden cup-boards.
  • Separate seating arrangement for students & teachers.
  • Book Bank.
  • Repository.
  • Students & teachers are allowed to access the Internet facilities.

More About Library :

01 Working Hours of the Library  
  On working days 7 Hrs
  On holidays Nil
  On Examination days 8 Hrs
  Library Timing (Monday to Saturday) 10:30 to 5:30 : Monday to Friday
10:30 to 2:30 : Saturday
02 Average number of Staff faculty visiting the library/day 38
03 Average number of students visiting the library/day 300
04 Number of journals subscribed to the institution 18
05 Average number of book issue (per day) 65
  Average number of book Return (per day) 62
06 Ration of Library books to the number of students 17:1
07 Mention the total Carpet area of the Library (in sq.ft) 4896 sq.ft.
  Number of departmental Libraries 02
  Average carpet area of the departmental Libraries 500 sq.ft.
  Seating capacity of the central library(Reading Room) 82
08 Status of Automation of the library Partially Automated
09 Percentage of library budget in relation to the total budget 10%

New Arrivals :-

1. Converting Present Library in to the Process of e-Library is going on.
2. New Arrival will be displayed at proper place & in right time to the users.